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Replacement Parts for Popular Hitachi Framing Nailers

July 4th 2019

Offering professional grade aftermarket Nail Feeder (Black Long Thumb), Nose Cap (A), Exhaust Valve, Piston Driver Bumper, O-Ring Kit & Hex Socket HD Bolt M6 x 25 with Washer for popular Hitachi Framing Nailers.

Aftermarket Parts for Hitachi NR83A5

June 26th 2019

Offering premium quality aftermarket replacement parts Adjuster, Cap, Trigger Spring, O-Ring, Pushing Lever, Cylinder Guide, Exhaust Piece, for Hitachi NR83A5.

Offering Genuine Hitachi Parts

June 24th, 2019

Superior Parts now offers Genuine Hitachi Piston Driver, Magazine Base Assembly, Pushing Lever, Piston Bumpers, Head Cap/Gasket Set, Trigger Arm Spring / Plunger & O-Ring Kit for popular Hitachi Framing Nailers.

Replacement Parts for Max NF235A-23-35

Jun 12th, 2019

In stock SP TA81078 aftermarket Piston Driver features S7 USA steel & SP TA18161 O-Ring for Max NF235A-23-35.

Aftermarket Parts for Senco JoistPro250XP

May 17th, 2019

Superior Parts' now offering professional grade Piston Driver O-Ring, Bumper, Collar & Seal for Senco JoistPro250XP & Piston Driver Assembly for Senco SFN1.

Pushing Levers for Hitachi NR83A5, NR83A2(Y), NR83A3, NR83A3(S)

May 9th, 2019

Now in stocks Superior Parts’ aftermarket Pushing Levers (B) & (C) for Hitachi NR83A5, NR83A2(Y), NR83A3, NR83A3(S).

Upgrade Kits for Hitachi NT65M2

May 6th, 2019

Introducing two different DBO65-01 & G866 Upgrade Kits including Driver, Bumper and O-Rings for Hitachi NT65M2.

Replacement Parts for Paslode PF350S, F350S, F400S, F325C, F250S-PP

May 4th, 2019

Introducing Aftermarket Piston Bumper, O-Ring, Lever Spring & Seal / Sleeve for Paslode PF350S, F350S, F400S, F325C, F250S-PP. Get the best performance out of your tool.

Kits for Hitachi NV65AH

May 3rd, 2019

Replace your broken Parts with new Superior Parts kits for Hitachi NV65AH including Driver & Bumper (DB65V-01) & O-Rings / Springs (OS65V).

SP 875-642 Aftermarket Safety Plunger (B) for Hitachi NV65AC, NV83A2

May 1st, 2019

Now in stock Superior Parts SP 875-642 premium quality aftermarket safety plunger (B) For Hitachi's range of coil roofing nailers including models NV65AC, NV83A2, VH650, NV50AA, N5008A1, N5008AA, NH451, NT50A, NV65A, NV65AB, NV83A, VH501.