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Superior Parts SP 885-519

  • SP 885-519

Superior Parts SP 885-519

Aftermarket Piston Driver for Hitachi NR90AE

Product category:  Hitachi Driver / Piston Assembly

Model number:   SP 885-519

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Product Description

Aluminum is crimped into the unilok grooves of the shaft to prevent unscrewing. Hardened steel lock tite and micro-mechanically locked piston driver interface. Guaranteed never to unscrew.

Piston DriversGuns
SP 876-734(VH650)
SP 877-323(NR83A + A2 )
SP 877-323U(NR83A + A2 )
SP 878-156(NV45AB2)
SP 878-428(NV83A2)
SP 878-630(NR83AA)
SP 882-684(NV65AH)
SP 883-471(NR65AK)
SP 883-510(NR83AA2 + NR83AA3)
SP 883-716(N5008AC)
SP 884-330(NT65MA2 & NT65MA3)
SP 885-519(NR90AE)
SP 885-915(NR83A + A2 + A2S )
SP 885-918(NR90AE)