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Superior Parts FN83A

  • FN83A
  • FN83A
  • FN83A
  • FN83A

Superior Parts FN83A

Aftermarket Donut Flush Nailer for Hitachi NR83A, NR83A2, NR83A2(S) & Porter Cable FR350A Framing Nailers

Product category:  Tool Bags & Accessories

Model number:   FN83A

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Product Description

This aluminum flush nailer is a high quality adjustable flush nailer. It can be attached to the nose of the nailer either by set screws (includes allen wrench) or Thumb wing nuts.


  • Install in minutes
  • Adjustable for complete flush nailing
  • Set screws or wing nuts for easy installation

Compatible with:

  • Hitachi NR83A 3-1/4" Full Head Nailer
  • Hitachi NR83A2 Full Head Framing Nailer
  • Hitachi NR83A2(S) Framing Nailer
  • Porter Cable FR350A Round Head Framing Nailer