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Piston Driver Assemblies

Leading quality piston driver assemblies, reliable and sturdy, that are designed and manufactured with top notch standards and practices making them perfectly capable of replacing genuine parts from renowned OEMS such Hitachi, Paslode, Max and Senco.

Steel & Aluminum Magazine Assemblies

Built with steel and aluminum, our premium quality aftermarket magazine assemblies are rugged and dependable for long lasting use. Highest quality manufacturing procedures ensure an exquisite and highly polished product available at competitive pricing.

O-Rings & Gaskets

O-Rings and Gaskets form a crucial part of various tools that’s why Superior Parts offers O-Rings and Gaskets that are manufactured with precision and exactitude. It maintains the exceptional quality you expect from a genuine part but at a considerably lower price point.

Aftermarket Nailer Parts

It is hard to find the quality and feel of genuine Hitachi parts elsewhere especially at lower costs but here you do. With manufacturing procedures specifically designed to maximize the quality while keeping the costs at minimum levels, we achieve products that seamlessly replace the original Hitachi parts.

Air Tool Oil / Compressor Oil

Interstate Air Tool Oil is ISO grade 22 light turbine oil that is ideally suited for use in pneumatic tools and automatic air line lubricators, optimized mixture of lubricants in every formula enables efficient performance.


Accurate design meets prolific engineering to yield premium quality hooks and flush nailers that exhibit reliability and ruggedness. It’s a small product manufactured with big attention and bears the capacity of replacing genuine OEM parts including Hitachi.

Rags and Towels

Made with high quality fabric, these rags and wipes are fabricated to clean. These are flexible and durability ensures that they can be used multiple times. Remove the stains, glazes, blemishes, blotches and other dirt with a single swipe.

Tool Bags & Accessories

Ergonomically designed rugged tool bags and cases, manufactured with tenacity and toughness in mind, that can take physical beating and can easily bear the rigors of harsh working environment, accidental mishaps and unmerciful weather conditions.