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Hitachi Parts

It’s hard to find the quality and feel of genuine Hitachi parts elsewhere especially at lower costs but here you do. With manufacturing procedures specifically designed to maximize the quality while keeping the costs at minimum levels, we achieve products that seamlessly replace the original Hitachi parts.

Designed and made under premium manufacturing standards, these bolts are high quality replacements for genuine Hitachi parts that deliver promising results.


Aftermarket bumpers are made with premium quality standards in mind and are specially catered to take the place of genuine Hitachi parts with amazing results.

Head Cap Gaskets

Heat treated for maxmium strength, Supeior Parts gaskets and head caps are well-constructed accessories that perform exceptionally in a range of professional and industrial applications. Craftsmen and Do It Yourselfers can put their faith in these high quality head caps and gaskets to get the job done.

Magazine Parts

Aftermarket magazine parts with exceptional build quality that can replace Hitachi parts seamlessly. Superior standards allow for superior performance every time.

Misc. Parts

Aftermarket parts for Hitachi nailers, designed and engineered with expert craft to yield highest level of quality that is perfectly able to substitute genuine Hitachi at a much lower price point.

Nailer Part Kits

Experience the quality and finesse of genuine Hitachi in these Nailer Part Kits that are manufactured with precision and care to deliver the best in class performance.


Highest quality nuts for your Hitachi nailers, that can easily replace the original Hitachi parts without any problems. You will feel the quality but at a reasonable price.


Superior Parts offers a wide range of premium quality aftermarket springs for Bostitch nailers. These springs are manufactured to the highest quality standards and are rigorously tested and retested for assurance. When you're looking for affordable quality and performance in one place, look no further than Superior Parts.

Trigger Parts Kits

Triggers are the most used part of nailers and framers, they're constantly under workload and tend to wear quickly. When that happens craftsmen can rely on Superior Parts trigger parts kits that substitute the original at a much lower price point without sacrificing the quality.


These are small parts modeled and engineered with big anguish so they can replace the original Hitachi washers by delivering exceptional quality and reliable performance at a cutthroat price.